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This website is the property of Paloma Agency BV (“Paloma”). Paloma is committed to protecting the privacy of its website visitors according to the applicable laws and regulations.

Although incredibly important, we realize it might be a bit tedious to go through this whole text. That’s why we’ve hidden one joke in there. Good luck finding it.

Paloma collects & stores aggregated, anonymized or pseudonymised information about your activity on and interaction with the website, such as your IP address, your type of device and browser and your action on the website. We use this information to track and analyze your use of the website so we can provide users with the best experience possible.

Paloma will indefinitely retain the aggregated, anonymized or pseudonymised information we collect from you to protect the safety and security of the website, improve the website, or comply with legal obligations. Paloma may include links to other websites or services whose privacy practices may differ from Paloma’s. When you use a link to an external site or service, the privacy policy and data processing disclosures for that website or service governs.

Cookie policy

The cookies on our site can be divided into these categories:

Essential cookies

Some cookies are essential for our site to work. They allow us, for example, to secure the form to prevent spam when submitting.

Performance cookies

Some cookies are used to track our site’s performance. This is how we quickly find and solve problems and find out, for example, which pages are the most popular.

Third-party cookies

Third parties (such as advertising networks) may, outside our control, use cookies to send you targeted advertising. These are usually performance cookies or tracking or advertising cookies. We have no control over these third-party cookies. To know more, check the privacy and/or cookie policy of the relevant third party. We wish you the best of luck to decipher those. Godspeed!

Chocolate-chip cookies

Chocolate-chip cookies use just a few basic ingredients, among which flour, sugar, baking soda and salt. Start by melting the butter. Please note that this butter shouldn’t be sizzling hot. Whisk in the sugars until well-combined. Add the vanilla extract, egg and the flour, baking soda and salt and stir until combined. We are not liable if you overmix the dough. Add the chocolate ships, and scoop on a baking sheet. Bake until the cookies are set on the edges but slightly underdone in the middle, about 7-10 minutes. By baking these cookies, you explicitly agree to consuming them.

Changing browser settings

If you don’t want to allow all cookies, you can change your browser’s settings. These are usually found in your browser’s “Options” or “Preferences” menu.

General terms & conditions

By using the website, you explicitly agree to the following general terms & conditions:

Intellectual property rights

The content of, including trademarks, logos, symbols, data, projects, product or company names, texts, images, etc. are protected by intellectual property rights and belongs to Paloma or entitled third parties.

Limitation of liability

The information on the website is general in nature. This information has not been adapted to personal or specific situations, and thus cannot be considered to be personal, professional or legal advice to the user.

Paloma makes every effort to ensure that the information is complete, correct, accurate and up to date. Despite these efforts, there might be inaccuracies in the information made available. If the information provided contains inaccuracies, or if specific information is unavailable, we will make every effort possible to rectify this as quickly as possible.

However, Paloma cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damages that result from the use of the information on this site. If you find inaccuracies, please let us know at

The content of the website, including links, can be adapted, amended or supplemented at any time without announcement or notification. Paloma provides no guarantees for the proper performance of the website and can in no way be held liable for the poor performance or temporary (un)availability of the website or for any form of damage, direct or indirect, that may result from access to or use of the website.

Applicable law & competent courts

Belgian law applies to this website. In the event of a dispute, only the courts of the judicial area of Ghent are competent.